About / About CARE

Mission Statement

The mission of CARE is to advance market-based solutions that increase landfill diversion and recycling of post-consumer carpet, encourage design for recyclability and meet meaningful goals as approved by the CARE Board of Directors.


Post-consumer carpet diversion and recycling are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable for all stakeholders.

Core Values

We believe in:

  • Market-Based solutions
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Hierarchy of Waste Management
  • Sustainable practices (economic, social and environmental)
  • Resource conservation
  • Transparency
  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration
  • Professional ethics and integrity
  • Anti-trust compliance

Evaluation and Reporting

The CARE BOD annually reports on the progress toward the goals of CARE. Stakeholders maintain active roles in CARE to assist with data collection,analysis, and program evaluation to ensure transparency in reporting on thestatus of activity.

Annual Report

CARE issues an annual report at the CARE Annual Conference each year. This report offers updated market development opportunities for recovered carpet, information on quantities managed through various management options, an assessment of successes and obstacles encountered during the reporting period, and a summary national efforts related to carpet recycling. CARE posts the reports on their website and publicizes them through other means.
Download the CARE annual report.

CARE Board of Directors – 2018

Ranae Anderson – Universal Fiber Systems LLC
Russell Bennett – Tandus-Centiva
Russ Delozier – J+J Flooring Group, Secretary of CARE
Paul Devereux – Natural Transitions
Don Dolan – Masland Contract
Joe Foye – Mohawk Group Inc., Vice-Chair of CARE
Ron Greitzer – L.A. Fiber Company Inc., Treasurer of CARE
Philip Ivey – Milliken & Company
Anna Lange – South Carolina Department of Commerce
Jim Lindsey – Aquafil USA
Eric Nelson – Interface
Bob Peoples – CARE, Executive Director
Sean Ragiel – CarpetCycle, LLC
Louis Renbaum – Wellman Plastics Recycling
Wyatt Rollins – Shaw Industries Inc.
Kasey Wakefield – Kruse Carpet Recycling
Fred Williamson – Starnet Worldwide Commercial and Flooring Partnership
Joe Yarbrough – The Carpet and Rug Institute, Vice-Chair of CARE