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Why Join CARE

If you are either directly involved in, or aligned with, the carpet industry, we ask you to support the efforts of CARE and do your part to make a sustainable difference.

As a member of CARE, you will be part of a nationwide organization that is diverting carpet from the landfill and finding valuable uses for post-consumercarpet.

Member Benefits

As a member of CARE, you will enjoy:


  • Organizational Privileges
  • Networking with other CARE members
  • Significant Discounts on Annual Meeting
  • Access to Member Only Resources
  • Marketing Support
  • Promotion on the CARE Web Site
  • Use of the CARE Logo


Membership Brochure

To learn more about CARE membership, download the CARE membership brochure (PDF 148 KB)

Types of Membership

CARE membership categories include: member, affiliated association, international organization, individual supporter or student.

CARE Membership Categories and Dues
Member Category Level Gross Annual Revenue Annual Dues
Carpet Industry Manufacturer and Suppliers <$100 Million

$100 – 250 Million

$250 – 500 Million

$500 Million – $1 Billion

$1 Billion – $3 Billion

More than $3 Billion







Flooring Industry Co-ops, Buying Groups and Trade Associations $5,000
Residential Retailers, Commercial Flooring Dealers and Contractors <$7.5 Million

>$7.5 Million



Recycling Industry and Suppliers including Collector and Processors <$250 Million

$250 – 500 Million

$500 Million – 1 Billion

$1 – 2 Billion

>$2 Billion






Affiliate Associations $500
International Organizations $500
Individual Supporter $250

Corporate Sustaining Partner Program

The Corporate Sustaining Partner Program is an exclusive level recognizing outstanding financial contributions. This program is open to application member companies, supporting the mission of CARE.

In addition to the benefits enjoyed by all CARE members, Corporate Sustaining Partners enjoy a higher level of recognition and benefits.

See additional benefits of joining CARE as a Sustaining Partner (PDF 8 KB)

Corporate Sustaining Partner Categories and Dues
Corporate Sustaining Partner Level Dues
Sustainable Leadership $10,000 Above Membership Dues
Green $5000 Above Membership Dues
Friend of CARE $2,500 Above Membership Dues

Become a member of CARE today!