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Welcome to the CARE website. The Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, serving as the legislatively designated Carpet Stewardship Organization (CSO) for the California Carpet Stewardship Program. The purpose of the law (AB 2398) is to increase the diversion and recycling of carpet in the state of California. Learn more.

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Carpet Stewardship Assessment Increased to $0.25 per square yard on January 1, 2017.

The California Carpet Stewardship Assessment increased to $0.25 per square yard (from $0.20 per square yard) on January 1, 2017.
The funding collected from the assessment is directed to:

  • A set of incentives for processors and collectors involved in the recycling of post-consumer carpet.
  • grant program to facilitate capital investment in new/expanded processing capacity and also product development and testing. CARE has awarded $2 million in grants in 2016.
  • Recycled carpet product procurement grants, totaling $500,000 were offered in 2017.
  • Growing the drop-off site program to establishing at least one carpet drop-off site in every county in California.

All of these efforts are critical to growing market outlets and increasing diversion from landfill, as mandated by AB 2398.

As a result of these actions, CARE is seeing a steady increase in recycled pounds and expects dramatic growth in payouts beginning in 2017.  To meet financial obligations to make these payouts, it is necessary to collect additional funds through the assessment.

CARE was pre-approved to implement this increase if deemed necessary, as approved by CalRecycle on January 26, 2016.

For details on how to calculate and label the assessment, along with sample invoices, click here (updated to reflect January 2017 assessment increase.)

All California retailers were sent an official letter from CARE informing them of the change.


To view a list of Frequently Asked Questions for Retailers, click: CARE Retailer FAQ (Feb 2018).

For an update on CARE’s activities in 2017, click:  CARE EOY 2017 Letter to Retailers

Assessment Increase Notification Letter for Retailers, click: Retailer Letter – October 2016.

Press release Announcing Assessment Increase, click: Jan 2017 Assessment Increase Announcement
rsz_assessment_signPoint-of-Sale Sign to inform customers of Assessment,

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Point-of-Sale Sign to encourage customers to think about recycling,

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Informational Webinar 

CARE hosted an informational webinar about the assessment for retailers and other interested stakeholders on Wednesday, November 16, 2016.

View the presentation.

How Is the Assessment Used?

The California Program is working to comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements, which include:

  • Payment of subsidies at a level to enable continuous and meaningful improvement in landfill diversion via carpet collections and recycling (recycled output)
  • Public outreach and education
  • Convenient locations for recycling drop off/pick up for all California residents.

how assessment funding is used pie chart


In 2017, over 85% of assessment funds went directly to these program efforts, including subsidies, grants, marketing/outreach and the drop-off site program. As our efforts grow, so does the need for funding.



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CARE has created a brochure to explain carpet recycling and the California assessment to your customers. View it here..

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