CARE Drop-Off Sites Services

This page provides the following services and documents for CARE Drop-Off Sites:

How to Become a CARE Drop-Off Site – Step by step guide.

Swap-out Service Order Form: Request that your collection trailer or container be collected and exchanged for an empty one by CARE.

Quarterly Reports: View report submission deadlines and access online report form.

Bilingual Flyers: You have received bilingual flyers, customized with your facility’s address, instructing carpet installers and other contractors using your facility how to dispose of construction debris, including carpet. These flyers are for public display and for any staff interacting with customers. Order more flyers by email.

Media Kit: Download templates in English and Spanish for a press release, newsletter article and Public Service Announcement (PSA) for radio to promote your participation in the CARE Drop-Off Site program.

Questions? Email the Drop-Off Site Program Coordinator.

CARE Drop-Off Site Swap-out Service Order Form

Quarterly Reports

CARE drop-off sites are required to submit a quarterly report (click link below to access online report form), and attend quarterly check-in calls. See table for report submission due dates and call dates.

CARE Drop-Off Site Quarterly Report Form


quarterly report schedule 2018

Media Kit

Download and customize the templates linked below and use them to reach out to local media about your facility’s carpet drop-off service.

Questions? Please email us.