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Californians want to know what happens to their old carpet. This bulky material takes up a lot of space in our landfills, and stays there, unchanged, for hundreds of years. But just as we recycle cans and bottles, there are ways to recycle carpet, too.

The California Carpet Stewardship Program is working to find environmentally-friendly uses for carpet. Carpet that is recycled can be made into new products. See our Buy Recycled Products page.

You can help:

Buy wisely.

Ask your retailer about eco-friendly carpet and fiber underlayment. Look for products made with recycled carpet content and that can be easily recycled at the end of life.

Make it last.

woman selecting carpet to buy

When buying carpet, ask which products are made of recycled material and/or can be most easily recycled.

Taking good care of your carpet will make it last longer and keep your home healthier. See the Carpet and Rug Institute  for tips on proper cleaning and maintenance.

Recycle right.

Ask your retailer or contractor to recycle your old carpet during installation. To find a carpet collection site in your area, visit our drop-off site map.

Learn more.

Carpet recycling is a complex business. To learn more about how carpet gets recycled in California, keep in touch!

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