CARE Newsletter – November 2008

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Dear CARE Supporters

The elections are now behind us, and we are moving into a new administration in the White House. It is time to get behind our new President-elect and his majority congress. The outcome of the election could be a positive given President-elect Obama’s concern for the environment. The big question is how soon and well will he deal with the really pressing concerns facing his new administration. The economic outlook for the next year is bleak and as we all know the housing and automotive industry that once propelled the carpet recycling industry forward continues face difficult times. We are not unique in facing economic challenges, the plastics recycling industry in the United Kingdom is facing similar challenges to our own, as inventories of recovered plastics are building due to slowdowns in demand for raw materials. On a global scale, market demand for feedstock materials and consumer spending continues to slow and prices are dropping.

Despite the economic outlook in manufacturing and employment, the carpet recycling industry continues to persevere through these tough and challenging times. Collectors continue to explore economical methods of gathering and sorting materials. Processors continue to invest capital in R&D, and equipment and end users continue to investigate the option of using post-consumer carpet in the products. The sustainability movement shows little signs of slowing despite the slowdown in the economy. I believe this year’s GreenBuild will be the largest ever. The demand by consumers for green products is an opportunity the carpet recycling industry must find ways to take advantage of.

CARE is initiating a plastics specification project to address the lack of end market outlets for post- consumer carpet. In a partnership with the Polymer Center of Excellence (PCE), CARE is working to develop a grading specification system for plastics recovered from waste carpet collection streams. The ability to identify and classify specific streams through a grading system facilitates the procurement of feedstock materials from the carpet recycling industry. In addition to the grading system, dialog has begun with large users of recycled plastics to determine their requirements for feedstock material. The ability to develop a material grading scale for recovered carpet materials for the plastics industry should ease the transition of recovered carpet materials into the plastics industry as a feedstock. The challenge at this time is that compounders and injection molders do not know what the carpet recycling industry has to offer and the carpet recycling industry does not know what the plastics industry requires for their processes. A standardized grading system will help alleviate this problem. There is strong interest in using post-consumer carpet polymer; our challenge is tapping into the market in a meaningful way.

This year’s Entrepreneur Meeting was a clear success and out of it came a desire for a networking platform for the carpet collection and processing community. The platform will become part of the new CARE member only area. This tool enables entrepreneurs within the carpet recycling industry to interact with each other to find solutions to some of the problems facing their industry, as well as the ability to partner together as a single unit to meet the demands within the market place. Oftentimes, volume requirements for large purchases are more than one collector or processor can handle. Through the development of post-consumer carpet material specifications and the networking platform, the carpet recycling industry will be able to deliver a standard product and the volumes required of large customers.

As we transform into a membership organization, I urge each of you to join CARE’s member program. We are making a lot of changes to our website and organization to provide added benefit of membership. The member only area of the website includes marketing materials, membership directories and educational resources. The additional benefits extended to members are voting rights, committee involvement, members only functions and discounted meeting fees. At next year Annual Conference, we will have a member only day with some exciting events just for our members.

While 2008 has been a challenge for all associated with CARE, I am not discourage about the future of CARE and its members. Shaw’s Evergreen facility is up and running at full capacity after some maintenance issues, Mohawk’s GreenWorks is starting to see the light of profitability, and Interface partnering with Universal fiber is expanding their selection of N66 fiber contain post consumer content. Reliant’s new double stick pad containing 90% post-consumer content is doing very well in the hospitality market. Hilton Hotel chain as been in dialogue with CARE to find way for them to insure they are players in the diversion of their post-consumer carpet from landfills, as well as finding way to use products in their hotels made from post-consumer carpet. In addition, the CARE entrepreneurs are looking at diversification to better help them meet the fluctuations in the market place. I remain optimistic for the future of carpet recycling. This is a team effort that is going to take everyone’s efforts to be successful. Using a saying Bob Peoples was famous for: “Success is perseverance for one more day”.

Frank Hurd
CARE – Chairman of the Board

CARE Membership Site Now Online

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Save The Date – 7th Annual CARE Conference


Join us for the 7th Annual CARE Conference.

Experience one of the largest and most technologically advanced conference centers in the nation – The National Conference Center.

Just 12 miles from Dulles International Airport and 45 minutes from Washington, D.C., The National Conference Center is located on 110 safe, scenic acres in the countryside of Lansdowne, Virginia. Enjoy this flexible, IACC-approved environment for productive meetings, successful business travel and extraordinary special events.

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Review the National Conference Center’s Environmental Programs (47.75 KB)

Conference Sponsorship & Exhibitor Space Available, please contact Jeremy Stroop at 706-428-2127.

7th Annual CARE Conference Call for Papers

Would you like to be considered for submitting a paper or to present to CARE’s membership a the next Annual Meeting in Landsdowne, VA?

CARE is currently accepting abstracts for papers to present at our upcoming Annual Meeting in April 2009. Typically, our meeting topics include:

  • Industry Trends and Insights
  • New Technologies and innovations
  • Plastics Industry Opportunities
  • Economic Outlook
  • New Products
  • Collector Network Insights

Please send your abstracts to Jeremy Stroop by email by January 31st for consideration.

CARE / EPA Innovations in Carpet Recycling Award

Nominations now being accepted…

The EPA and CARE are pleased to announce that nominations are now being accepted for the 2009 Innovations in Carpet Recycling Award. This will be the second year for the award, which honors the organization, team or individual that has pursued and demonstrated innovations or processes that positively impact carpet recycling. The award will be presented in May 2009 at the CARE Annual Members Conference.

This award recognizes innovation of any product or process that diverts a substantial amount of carpet from the landfill. To be eligible for the award, the innovation must involve the recycle or re-use of post- consumer carpet. A product innovation must contain at least 10% post-consumer carpet. The post-consumer carpet must originate in the US, and the innovation must be commercially available within the last 24 months.

All nominations for this award will be reviewed by a 5 member panel of judges including representatives of the EPA and CARE, an entrepreneur from the CARE carpet recycling network, a member of academia, and a carpet industry representative.

All nominations must be received by March 4, 2009. Please include the following information on the nomination:

  • Name, affiliation and contact information of nominating organization or individual
  • Name and contact information of nominee
  • Written summary (no more than 3 pages) describing the innovation

Nominations and supporting materials must be submitted electronically by email to Jeremy Stroop by March 4, 2009.

2008 Entrepreneur Meeting

Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) held its Fifth Annual Entrepreneur Meeting on October 21, 2008 at the Cincinnati Airport Marriott Hotel. CARE hosted 57 representatives from over 45 different organizations with a vested interest in the carpet recycling industry. The purpose of the CARE Entrepreneur Meeting is to focus on the needs and issues of the entrepreneurial carpet collection and processing community in a collegial and open atmosphere, while providing an informal networking forum for the attendees of the meeting.

Meeting Website & Presentations

Survey Communications Survey

Calling all members of CARE. We would appreciate your response to a survey on improving communications across our membership. It should not take more than 5-10 minutes of your time, and it will greatly help us in serving you better!

The survey will be online until November 20, 2008. We hope to be able to share the survey responses and our plans to improve communications soon after the beginning of 2009.

Thank you very much for your input.

Reliance Carpet Cushion Double Stick Pad – Press Release

Reliance Carpet Cushion / Los Angeles Fiber announces their introduction of a double stick synthetic carpet cushion made from 90% post- consumer carpet fibers

Vernon, CA. – Reliance Carpet Cushion / Los Angeles Fiber announced today they are marketing a new synthetic fiber carpet cushion manufactured for double stick glue down application. This new cushion is revolutionary! The product is called REVOLUTION. “We are revolutionizing the cushion industry,” said Robert Reiss, VP Reliance Carpet Cushion. “This is the first cushion product that combines quality, feel, price, and ease of installation with GREEN raw materials.”

Read the entire press release

Greenbuild 2008

CARE & CRI (The Carpet & Rug Institute) will share a booth at Greenbuild 2008 in Boston, Massachusetts. The 20 X 20 booth will inform the attendees about how carpet is a sustainable product across its entire lifecycle. If you are in the neighborhood, we would like to invite you to come and visit with us for a bit at booth #622. Both CARE and CRI personnel will be available to answer your questions about carpet and how it is a superior sustainable floorcovering solution.


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