CARE Quarterly Newsletter – June 2006

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Dear CARE Supporters

Well, the word is out. CARE reported 225 million pounds in total diversion for 2005. This is a huge jump of 108%. The number was released at the 4th Annual CARE Conference at Callaway Gardens in Georgia the first week of May. The conference feedback has been all positive and planning is already underway for next year’s meeting. While the location is under study, block your calendar now for the first week in May 2007.

In addition to the numbers, the 2005 CARE Annual Report is now available for download from the website. By the time you read this Newsletter, the full conference proceedings will be posted to the site. The CARE Recycler of the Year and CARE Person of the Year were also revealed at the awards ceremony on May 2nd (see below for details).

As we did in last year’s spring newsletter, we will focus this issue on the highlights of our Annual meeting. Please also take time to read through the annual report. Not only will you see the detailed results of the 2005 survey, you can also read about our progress to date and projections for 2006 and beyond. The year 2005 will be remembered as the year CARE reached critical mass and growth in landfill diversion began a major turn upward. I forecast another 100% jump in 2006, so hop on and join us for a wild ride as we build this new industry together.

Robert Peoples, Executive Director, Carpet America Recovery Effort

CARE Annual Survey

Highlights of the 2005 Annual survey, conducted by Weston Solutions, Inc. include the following:

  1. 224.6 million pounds of total diversion
  2. 194.3 million pounds was recycled (86.5% of total diversion)
  3. 30.3 million pounds went to waste-to-energy or cement kilns (13.5% of total diversion)
  4. 70% of the total diversion was consumed inside the U.S.
  5. 24% was shipped to Asia with the balance going to other parts of the world (Europe, Canada, Mexico)
  6. CARE’s support base is expanding
  7. New partnerships were announced
  8. Thanks to a more focused approach, our response rate jumped to ~33% (fewer companies, higher response)
  9. 4 of 11 EPA offices responded to the survey (36%) and 14 of 50 states responded to the survey (28%)
  10. CARE named as one of the “Top 25 Environmental Champions for 2005” by Interior & Sources Magazine


Read the Full Report

Annual Meeting Highlights

There were a number of key highlights of the conference and they are summarized here:

  1. 225 million pounds diverted
  2. Meeting attendance topped 100 for the first time
  3. Shaw’s acquisition of Honeywell Fibers and plans to restart the Evergreen Nylon Recycling operation
  4. Shaw announced acquisition of the remaining 50% of the Evergreen joint-venture with DSM. Shaw now has total control
  5. Mohawk launches their ReCover take-back program
  6. Launch of the new CARE website by the end of May
  7. New identification technology for the marketplace
  8. Milliken donation of carbon dioxide credits as a creative way to help fund CARE
  9. New members elected to CARE Board of Directors

Your current Board of Directors are:

  • Mr. Paul Ashman, ERCS
  • Mr. Steve Bradfield, Shaw Industries
  • Mr. Russell DeLozier, Shaw Industries (new member)
  • Mr. Matt Ewadinger, State of NC
  • Mr. Frank Endrenyi, Mohawk Industries
  • Mr. John Glenn, Federal EPA
  • Mr. Bill Gregory, Milliken & Company (new member)
  • Mr. Ronald Greitzer, Los Angels Fiber Company
  • Mr. Garth Hickle, State of MN
  • Mr. Frank Hurd, Carpet and Rug Institute and Board Chair
  • Mr. Stuart Jones, Interface Flooring
  • Dr. Robert Peoples, CARE
  • Ms. Georgina Sikorski, Invista
  • Mr. Stephen J. Steele, NYCORE

In addition to the strong growth in diversion for 2005, I am forecasting another doubling in diversion for 2006 or about 450 million pounds. That forecast is built upon the knowledge that the following information has become known to CARE in the first half of 2006.

  1. Unreported 35 million pounds processed in 2005
  2. Columbia Recycling comes on-line
  3. NYCORE will start up a new plant in GA in the 3rd quarter
  4. A composite lumber plant will come on line in late 2006
  5. Plastic Rail Tie (PRT) in Texas started up in January using post-consumer carpet as a component
  6. Champion Polymer continues to grow
  7. Sources we do now yet know about

Details on all these activities may be found on the CARE website under the 2006 Annual Conference section.

CARE Awards

Champion2The 2005 CARE Recycler of the Year went to Champion Polymer Recycling, a subsidiary of Infiltrator Systems Inc. Champion is the procurement arm for Infiltrator making sure they have the raw materials necessary to keep the plants running. Champion is one of the largest recyclers of plastic in the U.S. They have seen continued growth year on year and are a major consumer of post- consumer polypropylene carpet. Infiltrator Systems, Inc. is revolutionizing the waste water industry and is the world’s leading manufacturer of septic leachfield chambers. The septic leachfield chambers are environmentally friendly and made from 100 percent recycled plastic.

The 2005 CARE Person of the Year was Ronald Greitzer, President of Los Angeles Fiber Company. Ron has been engaged in the recycle of old carpet for many years. His company was honored at the CARE Recycler of the Year in 2002. Ron is a person about who people say ‘I love to work with this guy,’ and that’s one of the greatest compliments a person can get. His favorite saying is from Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Los Angeles Fiber, under the leadership of Ron, continues to be the largest recycler of post-consumer carpet in the world as far as we can determine.

Thanks are due to Jeremy Stroop (our new CARE staffer), James Beach (CRI) and Linda Herrington (CRI) for without their efforts and support, this conference would not be possible.

Conference Feedback

Here is a sampling of the comments received back from conference participants:

  1. A “Wastology 101” course in 20 min – really helpful!! (state update session)
  2. This is the most important part of the carpet recycling process (new identification technology session)
  3. Very open/honest – This is what we did. Real and Refreshing (market development session)
  4. Bob Peoples – combines sense of humor with flair for the dramatic; nice enthusiasm on introducing data (CARE Update)
  5. Matt Goldman- very knowledgeable; I will look for his leadership on survey improvements (Survey Results)
  6. Great info on their new carpet recycle program that can possibly work with local recyclers (Mill Updates)
  7. A mill tour would be very popular and you will be very surprised at the # of people that will attend just for the tour
  8. Good Concept – It covered lots of topics & Kim Gavin kept things flowing (Panel Discussions)

CARE Partners with P2AD

PPPcolorlogoThe Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) has partnered with Georgia’s Pollution Prevention Assistance Division (P2AD) in a voluntary environmental leadership program for Georgia businesses and organizations. The voluntary partnership facilitates the prevention of pollution at the source, and creates and maintains sustainable business practices in Georgia. CARE has agreed to participate as a White Level Partner, which entails providing training, consultation, and other services to other P2AD partners. P2AD has been providing environmental guidance to Georgia businesses for over a decade. As a new partner, CARE has joined in an effort with over 90 different organizations promoting sustainable business practices.

The Pollution Prevention Assistance Division (P²AD) is a non-regulatory division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Since 1993, P²AD has provided free, confidential environmental technical assistance in the areas of pollution prevention, resource conservation, waste reduction, by-product reuse and recycling. In 2004, P²AD established the P²AD Partnership Program to foster environmental leadership and recognize superior environmental performance. The P²AD Partnership Program is free and open to any business or organization that operates in Georgia, and includes four Partnership levels to fit the changing goals and environmental initiative of the participants.

CARE Event Earns Cleaner and Greener Certification

cleanergreenerCarpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) 4th Annual Conference in Callaway Gardens, Georgia has earned the Cleaner and Greener certification from the Leonardo Academy by offsetting all pollution created by energy use associated with the event. For this year’s conference, donated emission credits offset carbon dioxide and other emissions generated by CARE energy use by over 100%. :

Donated emission credits will be retired, offsetting the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxide (NOx), particulates (PM10 and PM2.5) and mercury (Hg) pollution that was discharged to the atmosphere from conference facilities, travel, meals, lodging, utilities, and other potential energy use connected to the conference.

Conference energy use and emission estimates were prepared by Leonardo Academy and offsets of renewable energy, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide credits were gathered to make the CARE Conference an event with a net positive atmospheric impact. Large emission reduction donors for this event included Milliken Carpet, 3 Phases Energy, and Leonardo Academy. A complete description of donations is available at the Leonardo Academy website.

View CARE’s Certificate


  1. China has 1.3 billion people and the population is growing at 10% per year. If the population of China walked past you, in single file, the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction.
  2. China will build over 400 billion square feet of space in the next 30 years. That is equivalent to the entire surface areas of New Jersey twice!.
  3. This equates to a huge opportunity for raw material suppliers. Recycled carpet is a raw material!

Do you have an interesting story or factoid about recycling carpet? Send it to CARE by email and if we use it we will send you a CARE mug to proudly display.


Lori Dowling, CEO, StarNet writes

“For the past year, StarNet has enjoyed partnering with CARE to create the StarNet/CARE Carpet Reclamation Program. We especially appreciate the direction received from CARE Executive Director, Dr. Bob Peoples, and his enthusiastic participation in this venture. StarNet Commercial Flooring Cooperative Members have set a 2006 goal of diverting 25 million pounds of post-consumer carpet from the landfill. With the continued support of CARE and its entrepreneurial and manufacturing members, we look forward to achieving our goal and contributing to the overall success of CARE.”

Frank Endrenyi, Vice President of Technology & Sustainable Development, Mohawk Industries writes

“CARE has been very valuable, not only to the carpet industry as a whole, but also, specifically for Mohawk Industries. The value that CARE brings in allowing us to be engaged in the process of creating an entire carpet industry recycling infrastructure, has helped shape some of our decisions and embarked us in various unique directions that will contribute to CARE’s goal for the entire industry.”

We would like your feedback on this newsletter, ideas, concerns, or questions. We’ll include them in future newsletters.