CARE Quarterly Newsletter – September 2004

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Dear CARE Stakeholder!

Welcome to the Premier Edition of the CARE Quarterly Newsletter. I hope you will find it informative and of value to you as our organization continues its path toward meeting the negotiated goals set forth in the historic Memorandum of Understanding between the carpet industry and government. Coupled with our Annual Meeting, this will be our new communication link with you — our stakeholders. I look forward to your feedback as we continue to put into place the foundation and pipeline for this new industry. Thanks for your interest!

Robert Peoples, Executive Director, Carpet America Recovery Effort

2005 CARE Sponsorship kick-off

Keep an eye out for the fall kickoff of the CARE Sponsorship campaign. Letters will be going out shortly. This is the primary funding mechanism and your support is essential if CARE is to be successful. We will be working to try and expand the Sponsorship base this year to include equipment manufacturers, dealer networks, etc

Chicago BOD Meeting Highlights

The CARE Board of Directors met in Chicago on July 15, 2004, and received a number of updates on various points of interest.

GAVELAmong the things discussed were:

  • Special Supplement in the November edition of Environmental Design + Construction regarding CARE program designed to coincide with GreenBuild
  • CRI recently sponsored a LEED webcast highlighting CARE and the green label program which was sponsored by Building Design and Construction Magazine
  • CRI will be one of the sponsors for the Sustainability White Paper presented at USGBC GreenBuild
  • HTML newsletters are going out along with a direct mail postcard to 500 GreenBuild participants
  • Surveys have been distributed for the CRI 2003 Sustainabilty Report
  • Web site statistics show CARE hits are up to 5,135 per month for 2004 from 3,303 hits in 2003
  • The CARE booth will be on display at USGBC GreenBuild in Portland, Nov. 9-11, and was also present at The National Recycling Congress (NRC) in San Francisco Aug.29-Sept. 1
  • CARE or CARE participants have been recognized in various mediums including Recycling Works Newsletter, the Bonda Report and PBS

CARE Funding – Taking it to the next level

manMoneyCARE leadership, in collaboration with CRI President Werner Braun, have been hosting small sessions with carpet industry leaders in an effort to secure a substantially higher level of funding for CARE in 2005. A number of creative approaches have been suggested by industry members. A presentation to the CRI Board of Directors is planned on Sept. 29th seeking approval to move forward with a funding approach. Additional funds will be used to increase the number of grant awards, provide funds for matching grants, provide zero or low interest loans of a size that can make an impact, and support operational costs to increase CARE staffing for program execution.

CARE to host entrepreneur’s meeting with support from Florida

Plans are being laid as a follow up to the annual meeting held in Pensacola to host an Entrepreneur’s Only Forum in Orlando, FL around mid-October. The State has provided $1,500 to help with the cost of the meeting. The agenda is designed to allow entrepreneur’s who are the backbone of the effort to share experiences, identify barriers and outline an action plan to remove the barriers. We anticipate a set of recommendations and actions items to come out of this session.

CARE grant recipients report Progress

At the Annual CARE Conference this past spring, three companies were awarded grants totaling a sum of $103,250 as part of the second cycle of grants provided by the organization. The companies awarded grants were: Environmental Recovery & Consolidation Services (ERCS) in Massachusetts; NY Wa$teMatch and CarpetCycle LLC in New York, and Blue Ridge Recycling in North Carolina.

Two of the recepients have progress to report thanks to their grants.

ERCS has been active with Auburn University, helping to put together the costing and logistical structure for collections for a very promising new processing technology. This new technology will enable the recovery of nylon from post-consumer carpet. ERCS is also working with the Massachuetts Department of Energy on their FAC25 contract to inform state contractors of the benefits of carpet recycling. ERCS will also be a participant at the Environmentally Preferred Products show helping to promote and educate state, city and town officials on the availablity and benefits of recycling.

NY Wa$teMatch has put together an infrastructure dedicated to the project including: clearing warehouse space dedicated to storing carpet for reuse, identifying initial recipients of carpet, creating an inventory of available carpet and developing a communication system between the marketing project partner (Wa$teMatch) and the implementation project partner (CarpetCyle). Wa$teMatch has created a buzz by using press releases submitted to various floor covering and facility management specialists about the program. Identifying potential sources of carpet beyond CarpetCycle’s client base, and began meeting with reps from various organizations to explain the program. CarpetCycle collected and delivered almost 50K pounds of carpet and delivered it to the World Vision warehouse in Bronx, NY. In addition, CarpetCylcle sent the broadloom carpet which could not be reused to be recycled as fuel in the process of manufacturing Portland cement at the level of 10 trailerloads at 200 tons (40,000 sq. ft)

Unified National Carpet Standard – Looking out for CARE goals

mts_levels_logoEfforts are underway to develop a unified national sustainability standard for carpet and textiles. The effort would result from the unification of the Sustainable Textile Standard developed by The Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability (MTS) in D.C. and the carpet and carpet fiber standard developed by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) of San Francisco. A letter of intent was signed by both parties to enter into good faith negotiations on July 8th. At the same time CRI was engaging the State of California on their efforts to develop a carpet standard. California has agreed to work with us in the hopes of generating a unified standard that all parties can support and avoid the inefficiencies, market ambiguity and green washing we face today. This will be a landmark develop when successful. CARE will benefit because there is a section on recycle content and end of life in support of our mission.

Cement Kiln Burn Trial Update

The Department of Energy funding of the cement kiln large scale trial has been received. The program will be administered by Dr. Matthew Realff of Georgia Tech. The grant was funded at $286K. Additional funding is being provided by the EPA and CRI to cover stack emission testing. The plan is to burn 1,000 tons (ca. 2M pounds) under three controlled conditions: 1) coal with no carpet as control; 2) medium level carpet (ca. 15% displacement); 3) high level carpet feed (ca. 30% displacement). The raw post consumer carpet will be supplied by Sean Ragiel of CarpetCycle out of the New York City, New Jersey metro area. The shredding equipment is in place and up and running to prepare the feedstock. The actual burn should begin in early September in NE Pennsylvania. We expect the final analysis of stack testing by late October and the final test report by end of year. One of the key barriers remaining is how to get the old carpet to the flame in an economically viable manner. Remember, this is just one of the multitude of outlets under development.

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CARE drops monthly calls, focuses on working meetings

As CARE transitions into our new work approach based on Project Teams, the need for a monthly teleconference will be eliminated.

The CARE Board unanimously approved a proposal to eliminate our standing 4 subcommittees. The subcommittee chairs will become the Focus Area Coordinators to drive specific project oriented teams forward. In an effort to be more efficient in the use of our time, the CARE Board of Directors recommitted to attendance at the quarterly face to face meetings. Such meetings will be full day meetings beginning at 9 am and ending at 3 or 4 pm depending on the length of the agenda. Projects or issues being worked by the new project teams and needing Board attention between face to face meetings will be communicated by email or special teleconference as required. As a way to further enhance communications, a new quarterly newsletter to update stakeholders will be implemented. The timing of the newsletter should be approximately midpoint between quarterly meetings. The next board meeting is set for October 27th in Kennesaw, GA.

CARE’s newest Corporate Sponsor: Cycle-Tex, Inc.

cycle_tex_logoCycle-Tex, Inc. is a Dalton, GA, based recycler of carpet manufacturing waste. The company is a re- melting operation that sells high-quality recycled polypropylene and polyethylene pellets. In business since 1989, Cycle-Tex has long standing relationships throughout the carpet industry, and is committed to being part of the long term solution to the problem of post-consumer carpet going into landfills.

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