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Post-consumer carpet can be recycled and made into a variety of products, including more carpet. Pictured are products from Reliance, Interface, Carpet Cycle and Sierra Mat & Rubber.

More than 340 million pounds of carpet is discarded in California landfills every year—carpet that could be recycled into useful new products. The California Carpet Stewardship Program is working to develop markets for recycled post-consumer carpet via grants, technical assistance and promotion.

Post-consumer carpet is recycled by processors into fibers or plastic pellets, which can be used to make a broad range of products, including carpet, carpet tiles, carpet underlayment, and products for the automotive, transportation, and construction industries.

To learn more about products using recycled carpet material and the Double GreenTM designation, contact Market Development associate Mike Tinney to request a presentation.

Buy Recycled – Recycled Post-Consumer Carpet Product Manufacturers (v.April 2018 – download)

 Company  Products
 American Fiber Cushion

Carpet Cushion

  • Matrix Cushion Products

Contact: Jack Weitz

american fiber

Bonded Logic

Building Insulation

  • Ultra Touch Denim Insulation
  • Multi-Purpose Roll Denim Insulation

Contact: Tod Kean

Bonded Logic insulation

Carpet Cycle


  • Quiet Tech Eco-Friendly Acoustic Insulation made of 85-90% post-consumer recycled materials.

Contact: Carl Trezza


Water Management Products

    • Erosion and sediment control wattles

Contact: Kellyn Hargett




Modular Carpet Tile Standard product lines when combined with GlasBacRE backing:

  • Cartera
  • Equal Measure
  • Human Nature
  • Lateral
  • Narratives
  • Near & Far
  • Net Effect
  • Pietra
  • Urban Retreat
  • Viewpoint II

Contact: Eric Nelson


  MP Global
Flooring Underlayment

Contact: Amy Pritchett



 Reliance Carpet Eco-Cushion

Carpet Cushion Padding

  • Performance 28-44 oz

Contact: Bob Reiss


 SafePath Products

  • ADA transition ramps
  • Entry level landing ramps
  • Porous walkway systems
  • Rubber garden edging materials
  • Rockwall barriers

Contact: Tim Vander Heiden


 Sierra Mat and Rubber

    • Wheel stops
    • Landscape pavers
    • Entry mats
    • Floor mats

Contact: Loren Jessop

 Visions Paint Recycling

  • Stepping stones
  • Decorative concrete blocks

Contact: Jim Chamberlin


rsz_double-green-tm_logo_vector_sm_copyDouble GreenTM-labeled products contain recycled California post-consumer carpet material plus at least one other post-consumer recycled material.

Manufacturer list current as of April 2018.

CARE 2017 Recycled Content Products Catalog

Post-consumer carpet is recycled into fibers, broadloom and carpet tiles, and plastic pellets, which can be used to make a range of products for industries including: automotive, transportation, construction and home and garden. CARE publishes a catalog that features a wide array of products utilizing recycled carpet content. By specifying and purchasing these products, architects, designers and engineers can qualify for project certifications, such as LEED, NSF/ANSI 140, EPDs and more.


Seeking Feedstock?

Manufacturers are finding many exciting uses for post consumer recycled carpet as a feedstock in their operations. Learn more and request a free sample.

Procurement Grants

In 2016, California public agencies and their contractors were eligible for grants to support the procurement of products made with post-consumer recycled carpet.  This program may be revived in the future. Learn more on the Grants page.

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