Micro Grant Case Study: Napa Recycling

Posted on June 21, 2018

Grant Recipient: Northern Recycling and Waste Services, LLC – Napa Recycling

Napa Recycling with new carpet area under coverProject Description/Goal:  A weather cover (carport) was needed to keep post-consumer carpet (PCC) clean and dry during the rainy season. More PCC is then diverted away from landfill and recycled.

Location: Napa

Project Timeline: June-December 2017

Grant Amount Given and Match, if any: $10,000 granted; no grantee match in original application.

Total Cost of Project: 20 hours of staff labor. Total project cost, including materials and install, was approximately $12,000. 

Implementation Process: “Easy,” said Jennifer Arbuckle, Recycling and Public Outreach Coordinator for Northern Recycling and Waste Services. “Once we got the notice to proceed, we simply ordered the (carport) roof structure to protect the carpet, and set an install date with the company.”

Project Challenges and Barrier Removal: Napa initially had an issue with the public drop-off site: customers sometimes placed the material outside of the roof, causing it to get wet. In response, Napa is obtaining signage to direct customers to place the post-consumer carpet under the roof.

Project Benefits and Outcomes: The project has kept the PCC dry during rainy days. The drop-off site projects 60,000 additional pounds of PCC diverted to recycling annually.

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This is one of a series of case studies that illustrate the impact of grant funding on the carpet recycling industry in California.
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