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Axsun Technologies’ Introduces Second Generation Material identification System

Contact: Robert Peoples, Carpet America Recovery Effort (706) 428-2115

Axsun TechnologiesBillerica, Massachusetts – (January 25,2007) – Axsun Technologies today introduced their second-generation Anavo™ material identification system. This system is based on the Axsun carpet analyzers that have been in use in the carpet recycling industry since early 2006. The new system is smaller and lighter than the original version, and is designed to insure reliability and survivability in the field.

The Anavo™ maintains the ability to be used in the vertical or horizontal orientation, making testing of carpet samples on the floor convenient, and was designed to minimize the risk of repetitive stress injuries. The system is housed in a high strength aluminum enclosure, and is sealed to protect it against dust, grit and moisture. It can be powered by a quick-swap battery, or by AC power. It includes an automated calibration reference to optimize performance, and simplify operation.

Standard systems include 8 LED indicators, for all the common carpet fibers, and a configuration with an LCD display is available for applications like post-industrial polymer recycling, where a larger variety of materials is encountered. In all cases, the typical identification time is less than half a second.

The same core MEMS-based analyzer, high performance laser and sampling optics used in the original Axsun systems are maintained in the new system, ensuring the highly accurate performance that has been demonstrated at many of the major sorting facilities across the country.

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