Carpet Recycling UK – Carpet industry unites to grow carpet recycling in UK

New organisation Carpet Recycling UK formed in March 2008 to reduce the landfill burden of carpets, and recover valuable raw materials for reuse.

Contact: Kate Atkinson, Carpet Recycling UK 01793 848110

March 31st, 2008, Swindon : Carpet Recycling UK has been formed as an alliance of carpet manufacturers who want to increase recycling rates. They are supported by all sections of the carpet value chain, including recyclers.

This new initiative was the idea of Kate Atkinson who has had extensive experience in the fledgling carpet recycling industry. Kate is supported by carpet industry veterans Laurance Bird and Bill Tippett bringing broad experience in carpet manufacturing and supply across domestic and commercial end uses.

The strategy of Carpet Recycling UK is to put the UK carpet industry in a leadership position on recycling of end-of-life carpet. Recent developments in UK mean that the time is ripe for take-up and growth of carpet recycling.

Market evaluation has demonstrated that the cost of collecting and sorting residential carpets can be offset by savings in landfill charges. There is already widespread demand amongst local authorities nationwide for this service, especially given the increase in the landfill tax escalator from April 2008.

In the commercial sector there is a growing demand from government and corporate procurement to ensure that end-of-life carpets are recycled and not landfilled. Construction Site Waste Management Plans being implemented from April 2008 are also expected to increase the pressure for recycling carpets and tiles.

Carpet Recycling UK will develop a strong carpet recycling industry by:

  • Raising awareness at government level so that appropriate support is available through recycling agencies and regulatory regimes.
  • Creating a database of technical and market information and commissioning research to fill key gaps.
  • Accrediting carpet recyclers according to environmental performance
  • Providing a focal point for enquiries from members of the public as well as industry participants about carpet recycling.

Membership of Carpet Recycling UK is being led by Founder Members:


Abingdon Burmatex Desso Heckmondwike InterfaceFLOR
Milliken Paragon Penthouse Ryalux Quadrant

With Value Chain Support from:

Allied Greenback  Recycling  Loughton Contracts  Spruce Carpets

All these Founder Members are to be congratulated on stepping forward to lead this new initiative.

Companies wishing to join can do so by contacting us at the phone numbers below to express their interest, and full details of membership fees, together with aims and objectives of Carpet Recycling UK, will be supplied.


Kate Atkinson     Laurance Bird
160 High Street     Tel : 0116 2792948
Wootton  Bassett     Mob : 07757 862189
Wiltshire SN4 7BT      
Tel : 01793 848110     Bill Tippett
Mob : 07787 160169     Tel : 01539 728162
      Mob : 07771 971841