KeLa Engineered Fuels

Contact: Robert Peoples, Carpet America Recovery Effort (706) 428-2115

KeLa Energy, LLC has a patent pending binding process to create synthetic coal-based fuels from waste and recycled materials. These “synfuels” can be burned in coal fired power plants and in power plants equipped to burn biomass fuels. The binding technology developed by KeLa Energy, known as the KeLa Process©, uses readily available waste plastics and plastic composites, including post consumer carpet, to bind waste coal fines into valuable synfuels called KeLa Engineered Fuels. KeLa Engineered Fuels are cleaner than coal, provide improved handling and processing compared to other synfuels, do not leach to the environment, and can include biomass in the binder system.

The unique composition of the KeLa binder provides a system that binds particulates in numerous ways. The water-free KeLa binder contains low-melt components that provide adhesion and encapsulation of fines based on melting and tack. Fibers in the binder provide mechanical capture and structure support to the synfuel. The KeLa Process© can bind both fuel and non-fuel particles into valuable, usable forms. The KeLa Process© produces a synfuel which burns cleaner than coal (lower SOx and NOx), and can be tailored in Btu value and biomass content to meet specific needs of the customer.

KeLa Engineered Fuel is easy to handle and process in existing equipment. The KeLa Engineered Fuel (KEF) is stable at ambient conditions and does not breakdown in the presence of moisture or water. Outside storage of the KEF does not cause binder run-off to the environment. The KEF can be handled without difficulty in conventional processing equipment with no or little modifications. The consistency and quality of the KEF enables operators to run their boilers with higher efficiency and lower overall emissions.


KeLa Engineered Fuels