Press Release

Milliken CO2 Credit Donation Creates New Funding Stream for CARE

Contact: Robert Peoples, Carpet America Recovery Effort (706) 428-2115

Pine Mountain, GA, May 3, 2006 – Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), an initiative to reduce carpet waste to landfills, announces that Milliken & Company, an international textile and chemical manufacturer, will donate carbon dioxide credits to provide a new funding stream to accelerate these sustainable efforts. The statement was released during the fourth annual CARE conference at Callaway Gardens.

Companies that take action to reduce pollutant emission earn global warming credits that represent the amount of greenhouse gasses prevented from entering the atmosphere. These credits offset the environmental impact of events or other activities.

“Milliken’s donation demonstrates innovation and sustainable leadership. This unique approach to stewardship enhances our financial ability to reduce the carpet industry’s impact on the Earth,’ said Robert Peoples, executive director of Dalton-Georgia based CARE.

CARE a voluntary initiative of the carpet industry and government, focuses on developing carpet reclamation and recycling methods to prevent carpet from burdening landfills. Milliken does not sell credits, but has donated them to offset environmental impacts of select environmentally-focused events like the U.S. Green Building Council’s 2005 conference in Atlanta and the 2006 CARE conference.

“Milliken’s passion for trees is well-known. One of the major benefits of trees is the sequestration of carbon dioxide. Our managed forest lands sequester much more carbon dioxide than our factories produce. Donating credits to reduce the industry’s impact on landfills fits with our philosophy of respect to the Earth,” said Russell Grizzle, Global President of Milliken Floor Covering.

Milliken’s company-owned forests and small hydroelectric plants reduce and sequester approximately 900 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually, allowing the company to maintain its rare carbon negative status. Milliken Floor Covering (, a division of Milliken & Company, has sent zero waste to landfill from carpet manufacturing since 1999 and offers a No Carpet to Landfill Pledge.