Press Release

StarNet/CARE Partnership Recognizes Pfizer for their Environmental Leadership

Contact: Robert Peoples, Carpet America Recovery Effort (706) 428-2115

Jan 17, 2006 – StarNet and CARE recognized Pfizer Corporation with a recognition plaque for their efforts to keep carpet out of landfills. Under the leadership of facilities manager Mal Schuster, Pfizer’s headquarters in New York City is working with Consolidated Carpet’s Paul Meberg to divert old carpet from the landfill as facility rehabs have taken place. The award was presented by Lori Dowling, StarNet CEO and Bob Peoples, Executive Director of CARE. Consolidated worked with CarpetCycle of NJ to handle the rip out and diversion logistics.

For the year 2005, for which the certificate is presented there were 31,421 square yards diverted or more than 145,000 lbs.

Pictured left to right are Paul Meberg, Mal Schuster, Lori Dowling, Bob Peoples. Recognition plaque displayed[/caption]


Environmental Impact Data

Collection Period – Years 2003, 2004, and 2005

Total Square Yards Diverted From Landfill – 84,215

Total Pounds Diverted From Landfill – 378,968

Cubic Yards Diverted From Landfill – 1,871

Gallons of Water Saved – 1,155,851

Average BTU’s Saved – 3,789,675,000

Number of Average US Homes Above Could Supply for One Year – 21

Global Warming Potential Averted (CO2 Equivalent lbs.) – 2,694,741