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Texan Floor Service First to Vacate Houston Landfill – Local Commercial Flooring Contractor Announces Complete Carpet Reclamation Services and Zero-Carpet-to-Landfill Status

Contact: Jeremy Stroop, Carpet America Recovery Effort (706) 428-2127

Houston, TX – May 20, 2009 – Throughout the business community and into our everyday lives, being environmentally responsible and practicing “green” tactics has become standard water cooler fare. Who would have guessed that the commercial flooring industry would be leading the charge in the building trades? According to CARE (Carpet America Recovery Effort), an estimated 5 billion pounds of carpet is dumped into landfills every year. Innovative and forward-thinking contractors, like Texan Floor Service, have committed themselves to making an impact on that figure and the environment.

As the first in Houston, Texan Floor Service is pleased to announce the opening of their full time carpet reclamation center on June 1. The center will accept all types and brands of used carpet from both the commercial and residential markets. “We’ve made this important commitment because it’s the right thing to do,” says Jeff Hill, President of Texan Floor Service, Ltd. “We are excited to be the first commercial flooring contractor in the Houston area to offer complete carpet reclamation and are proud to label ourselves a ‘zero-carpet-to-landfill’ company.”

Texan Floor will open the reclamation center with the assistance of Texas Carpet Recycling (TCR), located in Grapevine, Texas. The program is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) compliant, works within the green initiatives set forth by CARE and operates according to local compliance regulations and federal mandates. TCR offers end–users, dealers and mills an efficient local alternative to expensive, unsustainable landfills. Through TCR, the old carpet is received, tested and will begin its transformation into new “green” flooring products, consumer and industrial parts or converted into energy. In fact, through this program, no useful part of the old flooring goes to waste. “Carpet never decomposes,” says Stacy Dobbs, Director of Business Development with Texan Floor Service. “That’s why it’s so important that we take the lead in the Houston area for complete residential and commercial carpet reclamation.” Commercial customers who take advantage of the Texan Floor Service carpet reclamation program can expect a comprehensive quote with no hidden expenses, trained and experienced staff to remove the old flooring quickly and professionally, transportation to TCR, proof that the material did not go to the landfill, documentation for compliance and a project specific environmental impact study. “Our customers are as excited to specify the service as we are to offer it!” says Dobbs.

“Take up only” service is also available from Texan Floor, where architects and general contractors are in need of professional crews to remove old carpet, transport and recycle the remains. Residential installers and the general public who wish to recycle used carpet should contact Texan Floor in advance to make arrangements for drop-off.

Texan Floor has recently completed reclamation projects with Halliburton and Shell Oil. These projects and Texan Floor’s commitment to a cleaner environment support Houston Mayor Bill White’s desire to focus on reducing emissions, energy efficiency, renewable energy and city-wide recycling for a cleaner, renewable and sustainable city.

This is not the first time that Texan Floor has blazed a trail among its peers. In a move considered rare in the commercial flooring industry, they converted their private company into an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in 2007. Texan Floor is one of less than 40 ESOPs in the Houston area.

About Texan Floor Service

Founded in 1987 by Jeff Hill and Bob Collier, Texan Floor Service seeks to bring a higher level of service and quality to the commercial flooring industry. Specializing in healthcare, hospitality, retail and office installations, Texan Floor has achieved its reputation as the premier commercial flooring contractor in Texas through top-to-bottom quality control. Featuring high quality materials, best-practice installation and insistence on customer satisfaction, Texan Floor Service remains committed to providing the highest quality in service, installation and maintenance. Texan Floor is proud to be an employee-owned company, member of Starnet©, and supporters of IFMA, BOMA, CoreNet and NEWH. For more information please visit