CA Capital Improvements Grant Reallocation Approved

Posted on March 24, 2017

CARE awarded CLEAR a grant to fund equipment to manufacture PCC pellets in its new facility.

CARE recently approved reallocation of $261,000 in Cycle 1A Capital Improvements grant funding that was not used in 2016. The grant funding supports capital investment, infrastructure and/or equipment that will process or manufacture products utilizing California-generated post-consumer carpet (PCC). CARE has earmarked this funding for CLEAR Inc. of Lincoln, CA and Sierra Mat & Rubber of Ripon, CA. These two companies exceeded their PCC recycling targets in 2016.

CLEAR, awarded an additional $150,000, will use the funding to roughly double its recycled output in 2017. CLEAR opened its new facility in California in February 2016 and has been manufacturing primarily PET and polypropylene pellets for secondary markets as well as testing uses for carpet backing and nylon materials. 

sierra mat backhoe at work

Sierra Rubber puts its CARE capital improvement grant funds to work manufacturing landscape pavers .

Sierra Mat & Rubber, awarded an additional $111,000, will use the funding to increase recycled output by approximately 50% in 2017. Sierra is using PCC backing material for secondary products such as mats, wheel stops and landscape pavers, and is conducting testing for additional applications.

In total, these two companies have hired 14 additional California employees in 2016 and created more than a half dozen PCC-content products. These grantees have plans to hire a total of 14 more employees in 2017.

All approved reallocations were reviewed by the grants Technical Advisory Review Committee (TAC), the CARE grants manager, Executive Director and the Stewardship Planning Committee.

Accounting for these reallocations, CARE has now committed to approximately $2.3 million in 1A and 1B awards in 2016-17, with 87% of funding for California-based projects.  Learn more here.