CARE’s California Carpet Stewardship Program (CCSP) provides CCSP grant funding to establish, increase, improve and enhance California-generated post‑consumer carpet (PCC) collection, recycling, and utilization in recycled-content product manufacturing.

A Cycle 1A/B Pilot was announced in late 2015 and included Capital Improvements (1A) and Product Testing (1B) grants.

CARE also had a pilot Recycled-Content Procurement grants cycle (1C.) This Cycle was open to California public entities and their contractors.

In 2017 CARE offered Cycle 1M Micro Grants for Collections/Reuse Programs. (see below)

CARE hopes to establish permanent grant funding cycles each year, depending on approved funding and CCSP goals.

Each grant application is screened, evaluated and scored by an independent Technical Committee of experts. Funding of proposed projects is contingent upon applicant acceptance and execution of a grant agreement.

Please email Abbie Beane, grants administrator, if you wish to be placed on the list to receive future grant program notices.

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Cycle 1A/B Pilot Programs

The Cycle 1A Solicitation sought proposals from eligible applicants to establish new facilities or expand existing capacity and throughput; funds were also available to support Cycle 1B projects for product testing and research and development, in line with CCSP goals. Notices were finalized after input from stakeholders.

In May 2016, the Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) and the California Carpet Stewardship Program awarded approximately $2 million in accepted grant funding for six capital improvements and three product testing projects that utilize California-generated PCC. Of the funds available, 85% was awarded to California-based projects. The proposed funding will support millions of pounds of additional California-generated recycled carpet output and the creation of dozens of new California jobs.

The grant awards support existing PCC processors, new California facilities, and companies experienced in processing other recycled materials.

In awarding these grants, CARE has selected a diverse range of projects focused on testing and/or producing a number of recycled products from post-consumer carpet including fiber, pellets, carpet derived aggregate, and civil engineering and molded product applications. The range of projects also focuses on recycling various carpet fiber and backing types from both broadloom and carpet tiles, such as nylon 6, nylon 66, polypropylene, calcium carbonate and polyester.

See the full list of Cycle 1A/B awardees here.

Cycle 1A Capital Improvements

Cycle 1B Product Testing

Responses to questions from potential applicants were accepted through December 8, 2015;  responses are published here: Grant Cycle 1A1B Q&A.pdf.

See blog on awardee accomplishments in 2016 here.

Cycle 1C Pilot Program

CARE’s Pilot Cycle 1C Recycled-Content Procurement Grant program was designed to promote the development of long-term, sustainable and diversified markets for products produced from California post-consumer carpet (PCC). CARE’s Recycled Carpet Content Product Procurement Grants Cycle (Cycle 1C) is now closed. CARE may reopen this Cycle based on available funds.

The goal of the Cycle 1C grant program is to promote the development of long-term, sustainable and diversified markets for products produced with California-generated post-consumer carpet. Eligible applicants are public agencies and public agency contractors, which may request up to $50,000 for products containing California-generated post-consumer carpet. Approved products include certain types of carpet pad, insulation, commercial mats and road signage.  See CARE Grant Cycle 1C Procurement Solicitation for details.

Cycle 1C Application Documents

CARE Grant Cycle 1C Procurement Solicitation (updated October 2016)

Cycle 1C Application Template

Cycle 1C Pre-Qualified Products Info Sheet

Cycle 1C Budget Template

Grant Cycle 1C Questions/Comments & Answers

At a webinar on June 14, 2016, CARE presented the draft solicitation for the pilot program; view the presentation here.

Cycle 1M Micro Grants for Collections/Reuse Programs

In April 2017 CARE approved a new grant cycle: Cycle 1M Micro Grants for Collections/Reuse Programs. A total of $50,000 was made available for both public and private entities; CARE drop-off sites, Collector Sorter Entrepreneurs and Processors are encouraged to apply. See CARE Grant Cycle 1M Micro FINAL solicitation for full eligibility requirements.

Funds were awarded for infrastructure projects and/or purchase of equipment that supports the operational logistics of properly collecting and/or reusing California post-consumer carpet under a new or established program. Cycle 1M funds may be used for projects such as equipment and/or infrastructure for implementation of new, or improvements to existing, collection and reuse programs. Projects which specify additional pounds of PCC collected or reused as a result of grant funding are preferred. The maximum grant award is $10,000.

Projects must be completed by the end of 2017.

Cycle 1M Awardees

Cycle 1M Grant Solicitation

Cycle 1M Application Form

Cycle 1M Grant Budget Form

Cycle 1M Questions and Answers

Comments may be emailed to Grants Manager Abbie Beane.

View a presentation on Cycle 1M: