CARE Awards $3.2 Million in Grants to Increase, Improve Carpet Recycling

Posted on November 14, 2018

CARE is pleased to announce a total of $3.2 million in proposed Cycle 2 grant awards to 19 public and private entities; 16 of 20 projects are located in California and over 75 percent of grant funds are proposed for California-based projects. Combined, the grant-funded projects represent approximately 80 million new annual of PCC movement in California which includes: recycled output (Type 1 or PC4) and Tier 2 manufacturing pounds. The projects also represent roughly eight million new annual pounds in collected California PCC, along with 133 new California jobs. Grantees are now going through the contracting process before awards are final.

Eight Cycle 2A Capital Improvement grants will support capital investment, infrastructure and/or equipment that will process or manufacture products utilizing California post-consumer carpet. Six Cycle 2B Product Testing and Development grants will support efforts to investigate the use of California PCC to manufacture established products, test or certify new or reformulated products, and/or feasibility studies on potential new uses of post-consumer carpet (PCC) materials. Six Cycle 2M Micro grants will support efforts to establish or improve reuse and collections operations in California. Each proposal was screened, evaluated, and scored by an independent Technical Committee of experts using the criteria set forth in CARE’s grant proposal solicitations under each award category.

For a complete list of awards and grantees, see below.

For more information, contact CARE Grants Manager Abbie Beane. See also the CARE grants page.

Cycle 2A Capital Improvements Awardees

Aquafil, Woodland CA, $250,000 initial and additional $250,000 when operational: The grant recipient proposes to use pelletizing equipment to recycle nylon into new carpet at its new Woodland, CA facility. Polypropylene and PC4 are designated for other Tier 2 products.

ArrowStar, Dalton GA, $194,500: Grant funds would be used to convert PET post-consumer carpet to polyols for use in manufacturing urethanes used in floor underlayment, carpet backing and spray foam insulation.

Circular Polymers, Lincoln CA, $500,000: This project proposes to use grant funds to expand Tier 1 processing capacity of proprietary RIS technology and a conveyance system which would expand product offerings among all fiber types and PC4 for Tier 2 products.

Green Hive Group, Chico CA, $204,234: This company proposes to use grant funds for bagging technology for PC4 material for its spill cleanup project, marketed to small and large retailers and auto shops. Testing is also being done to prove recyclability of the product.

Interface, Phoenix AZ, $160,021: Grant funds would be used to move additional Tier 2 tile processing and reuse capacity to California, creating one new California manufacturer.

LA Fiber, Los Angeles CA, $500,000: Grant funds would be used for further Tier 1 processing capacity to purify PC4 and increase yield over 30 percent. This project would also reduce facility dust.

SaN Pallets, Troy OH, $250,000: The project proposes to manufacture Tier 2 products, end caps and pallets, using PET, polypropylene and PC4 with polymer stamping technology. The manufacturer is exploring setting up a plant in California in 2019.

Visions Environmental, Oroville CA, $260,360: Grant funds would be used to purchase equipment for Tier 2 manufacturing using PC4 in Double Green products. Products include blocks, car stops, fencing and aggregate.


Cycle 2B Product Testing Awardees

3B Protection, Perris CA, $200,000:    The project proposes to complete multi-stage testing of ballistic barriers using PC4 in this new Tier 2 application.

CMJ Systems, Phoenix AZ, $198,700: Grant funds would be used to test and certify post-consumer reinforced concrete as an alternative to steel- or sand/gravel-reinforced concrete.

ReFiber, Sacramento CA, $36,600: The grant proposes testing of fiber in water infiltration, septic and road reinforcement applications for use in the City and County of Sacramento.

SwissTrax, Indio CA, $164,750: The project will complete testing and certification of post-consumer carpet in Tier 2 modular flooring tile products.

Verdex Technologies, Richmond VA, $195,000: The project proposes testing and certifying post-consumer carpet PET in spinning nozzle technology to blend micro and large fibers into high margin nonwoven applications such as filters and acoustics.

Visions Environmental, Oroville CA, $50,147: The project proposes to complete quality control and R&D testing of PC4 in stones, concrete and other new products.

Cycle 2M Micro Grant Awardees

City of Berkeley, Berkeley CA, $14,000: The project plans to purchase a weather cover carport to keep PCC clean and dry year-round for a new collection site in Alameda County.

City of LA, Los Angeles CA, $13,000: Grant funds would be used to lease a truck for 11.5 days to collect curbside PCC as a bulky item material from residential areas. This pilot pick-up service would provide data to inform similar programs.

Global Material Services, Santa Rosa CA, $13,805.76: Grant funds would be used to purchase a weather cover to allow for 12 months of PCC collection, compared to 6 months of collection currently in Santa Rosa.

San Joaquin County, North County Recycling Center and Sanitary Landfill and Lovelace Materials Recovery and Transfer Station, $14,063.98: The project would purchase two weather cover carports for two established CARE drop-off sites in San Joaquin County, allowing for year-round collection.

Zanker Recycling, Florin Perkins, Sacramento CA, $15,000: Grant funds would be used to purchase five lids to retrofit containers used for collection from local retailers in the Sacramento area.

Zanker Recycling, San Jose CA, $15,000: The project proposes to purchase a covered structure and pad for collection and weather protection of a new PCC drop-off site in Santa Clara County.


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