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Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) held its Fifth Annual Entrepreneur Meeting on October 21, 2008 at the Cincinnati Airport Marriott Hotel. CARE hosted 57 representatives from over 45 different organizations with a vested interest in the carpet recycling industry. The purpose of the CARE Entrepreneur Meeting is to focus on the needs and issues of the entrepreneurial carpet collection and processing community in a collegial and open atmosphere, while providing an informal networking forum for the attendees of the meeting.

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The majority of this year’s meeting was focused on the difficult economic conditions facing the carpet recycling industry, namely, the struggle the young businesses have dealing with the limited number of available manufacturers who can use and afford post-consumer carpet materials in their products. Research and outreach to manufacturers who can potentially use recovered carpet materials is CARE’s number one priority at this time.  “The health of this industry, as with all other industries, is dependent on the demand of a customer base able to purchase and use recovered carpet in their products.  Unfortunately, due to downturns in the economy, the carpet recycling industry is having a difficult time moving the entire product they collect and process”, states Jeremy Stroop, CARE’s Operations Manager.

To address the limited number of product outlets and the lack of understanding surrounding the feedstock materials available from the carpet recycling industry, membership voted to implement a standardized grading scale for post-consumer carpet materials that is turned into post-consumer resin.  CARE plans to partner with the Polymer Center of Excellence (PCE) to test and assign specific grading scales to the polymer material available from post-consumer carpet feedstock.  “The ability to develop a material grading scale for recovered carpet materials for the plastics industry should ease the transition of recovered carpet materials into the plastics industry as a feedstock.  The challenge at this time is that compounders and injection molders do not know what the carpet recycling industry has to offer and the carpet recycling industry does not know what the plastics industry requires for their processes.  A standardized grading system alleviates this problem,” explains Frank Hurd, CARE’s Chairman.

The other major development to a clear path forward created at this year’s Entrepreneur Meeting is a networking platform for the carpet collection and processing community.  This expansion of CARE’s membership area enables entrepreneurs within the carpet recycling industry to interact with each other to find solutions to some of the problems facing their industry, as well as the ability to partner together as a single unit to meet the demands within the market place.  Oftentimes, volume requirements for large purchases are more than one collector or processor can handle.  Through the development of post-consumer carpet material specifications and the networking platform, the carpet recycling industry will be able to deliver a standard product and the volumes required by large customers.

Meeting Resources & Slide Presentations

Meeting Agenda (34 KB)
2008 Economic Survey  (109 KB)
CARE Membership (846 KB)
Benefits of Making Energy From Waste and Facilities – Covanta Energy (44 KB)
National Procurment & Analysis – Ellen Raynor, SF Carpet Recycling (550 KB)
Polymer 101 – Ron Sherga (16 KB)
Polymer Center of Excellence (8.20 MB)

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